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  • High quality dry cleaning services for your high quality garments.

  • Alterations for the perfect fit. Repairs so it looks like new.

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Welcome to Riverbend Cleaners

Riverbend Cleaners…..where should we start.    First of all we have a manic obsession with quality, precision, and the art of cleaning.   We know it’s a little nuts.  As crazy as is sounds we are pretty serious. This stuff has been going on in our family for over 30 years!
SMILE.  Our only goal for every order is that our clients leave smiling.  We love the smile because it tells us something.  It tells us that they are happy and they have had their garments well looked after.  Come and smile with us. 
We are proud to be a part of the Riverbend community in Edmonton.  Using industry leading technology and best practises, Riverbend Cleaners provides quality dry cleaning, laundering, alteration and repair services for your valuable garments and household items in Edmonton.
My commitment as the owner of Riverbend Cleaners is to you, our customer, first.  We promise to take utmost care of your possessions and ensure they are cleaned or repaired to your unique preference and delivered to you with professionalism and friendliness.  We love being a part of this community and are honoured to serve our friends and neighbours.
Since our conception in 1990, Riverbend Cleaners has strived to use environmentally friendly and state-of-the-art processes, quality craftsmanship and extreme attention to detail to be one of the best and most innovative cleaners in Edmonton.  We look forward to serving you and thank you for your business.
Nish Nazarali
Owner-Operator, Riverbend Cleaners
Riverbend Cleaners is certified and accredited by: 

The Short and Long of It

Inside of this measuring stick called a line
is the breath of your poem.
See, how you breathe in
then out,
your best-washed thoughts at the end
or beginning of letters strung
on a clothesline of air.
The bigger inhale is a stanza,
a crisp paragraph of words,
thoughts stacked as neat as laundry,
folded, ready to wear,
just waiting for you
to say them.

—Marjorie Maddox Hafer
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