What is Wet Cleaning?

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What is Wet Cleaning?

Wet Cleaning

Often when you give your clothes to professional cleaners for cleaning, there is one question on your mind. Whether to opt for dry cleaning or wet cleaning? Often people are not aware of the difference between dry cleaning and wet cleaning. When people hear wet cleaning, they assume that it is the same household wet cleaning process, but it isn’t. Wet cleaning is a method of cleaning clothes without the use of harmful chemicals such as perchloroethylene (PERC). Wet cleaning is a professional cleaning process, which still includes the use of specialized equipment and detergents with water to clean the clothes.

Dry cleaning was a universally used method. However, with time people realized the harmful effects the chemicals used in dry cleaning were having on the environment. Wet cleaning and eco-friendly dry cleaning was hence introduced as an alternative. The use of water is not the only aspect that makes wet cleaning a safe method. There are other factors such as computerized machines, non-toxic stain removers, environment-safe detergents that contribute to making wet cleaning a much safer process.

What is the difference between wet cleaning at home and at professional cleaners?

Since this process uses water to clean clothes, people tend to confuse it with general household wet cleaning. But there is a huge difference. Unlike your general household washing machine, there are numerous controls and functions in a professional wet cleaning machine. These controls include controlling water level, solvents, and temperature. Also, they have different spin cycles for different types of clothing. These machines are also programmed to avoid shrinkage and damage to the clothing.

Apart from the cleaning process, drying the clothes is also done professionally. Unlike hanging clothes on a clothesline, the clothes are dried using mechanical dryers for quick drying under high pressure. Again these dryers are programmed to avoid shrinkage.

Benefits of wet cleaning

  • Wet cleaning is safe for the environment as the backwash that is let out from the cleaning process does not harm the environment.
  • Wet cleaning is much safer for the professional cleaners as they do not come in contact with harmful chemicals such as PERC that has health risks.
  • Clothes cleaned using wet cleaning do not get faded easily with constant cleaning.
  • Wet cleaning does not leave any chemical odor on the clothes.

Wet cleaning is a process that not only safeguards the environment but also has a better effect on your clothing. This makes wet cleaning a good option for you to choose for your next cloth cleaning session. So if you wish to try wet cleaning next time, get in touch with professional cleaners of wet cleaning in Edmonton.