What Can Be Dry Cleaned?

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March 17, 2018
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What Can Be Dry Cleaned?

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All of us have some clothes that are close to our hearts. Special clothing requires special attention when washing them. Also, there are specific fabrics that can be damaged when they are cleaned with normal wet washing technique. Therefore, to protect your special or delicate clothes, you need to use special cleaning procedures such as dry cleaning. Now when it comes to dry cleaning, people are often confused about what clothes can be dry cleaned. Well, to answer this question, let’s continue reading.

Look at the Label

Every cloth comes with an instruction about what type of washing is appropriate for it. When you are about to wash your clothes, always take a look at their labels, and you will understand what type of cleaning is required. Some fabrics can get damaged when they are subjected to dry cleaning method as it uses chemical solvents. While at the same time, other clothes require only dry cleaning and regular detergent can be harmful to them.

Exquisite Fabrics

There are specific fabrics that require utmost attention and care from your end. These fabrics, when exposed to wet washing with detergent, can get damaged. Some of these fabrics include wool, silk, acetate, velvet, and leather.

Heavy Clothing

We take utmost care of our wedding clothes when it comes to cleaning and storing them. Clothes such as wedding clothes and what we wear during winter are usually heavy and subjecting them to regular wet washing would not only damage them, but they may not be cleaned properly as well. Therefore, dry cleaning is preferred to be the best option to clean heavy clothing.

Other types of heavy clothing include the designer clothes. These clothes are delicate and require attention every time they need to be cleaned. When they are put through regular laundry washing, their fabrics can get damaged in the process. Hence, such clothes should always be entrusted to an expert for cleaning.

Formal Clothes

Formal clothes such as suits and tuxedos are expensive and cannot be cleaned adequately with normal washing techniques. Such clothes can be maintained only when they are washed with dry cleaning techniques to preserve the quality of their fabrics.

Now that you know what can be dry cleaned, you can shortlist what clothes need to be taken along for your next trip to the dry cleaners. Make sure you visit a professional dry cleaning in Edmonton to clean your special and delicate clothes.