What Are Common Shirt Laundry Issues?

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What Are Common Shirt Laundry Issues?

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Shirts are an essential part of a man’s wardrobe. The most common types of shirts you will find in a man’s wardrobe include dress shirts, casual shirts, and formal shirts. Whatever be the type of shirt, keeping them clean and crisp is one task that you need to take extra care of. For this thorough cleaning of shirts, some prefer laundry cleaning while others may consider dry cleaning. According to professional cleaners in Edmonton, you may choose any of these methods for cleaning but you are bound to face these common shirt laundry issues.

Soiled Collar Ring

The major problem that you will find in any shirt is the soiled ring on the collar of the shirt. This soiled ring is generally formed due to multiple reasons. The main reason for the formation of this ring is the soiling from perspiration and body oils. Other reasons include the use of hair products, cologne, lotions, etc. To avoid this stain, ensure that you launder your shirt after every wear.

Fading Color

When you wash multiple colored shirts, there is a high chance of the dye bleeding out and spoiling the shirt’s color. This generally happens if the shirt has not been colorfast. This could leave a faded effect on your shirt post washing. There is no specific way to fix this problem. Sometimes multiple washes remove the dye that has bled out and brings the shirt back to its original color.

Shrinking Garment

Shrinking of clothes post laundry is a common phenomenon. This includes your shirts as well. The best of shirts can shrink after a few washes. Shrinking of shirts happens when the garment has not been stabilized. The easiest way to find out if your shirt has shrunk is by checking your collar. If it feels oddly tight, your shirt has shrunk.

Sweat Stains

Sweating is a common and so when you wear your shirt for long hours, you are going to perspire in it. If you do sweat and do not put your shirt for laundering, the sweat will eventually leave stains that are hard to remove. These sweat stains will also make your shirt fibers weak. In order to avoid spoiling your shirt, make sure you wash after wearing it.

Wrinkled Edges

When shirts are manufactured, the interfacing fabrics used in cuffs and collars are preshrunk for a proper fit. If this fabric is not preshrunk, the outer layer of the fabric will be large, causing wrinkles in the color and cuffs.

These are some common problems you face when laundering shirts. While some of them do not have a definite solution, there are preventive measures you can take to avoid spoiling your shirt such as taking care of your shirt when you wear it and choosing the right cleaning technique when washing it. Do not spoil your good shirts over these problems and let the professional cleaners in Edmonton clean your shirt for you.