How do you wet-clean and take care of your polyester clothing?

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How do you wet-clean and take care of your polyester clothing?

take care of your polyester clothing

Polyester fabrics are known for their strength, wrinkle-resistance, colorfast, crisp, and hold pleats. But they are also non-absorbent, may pill when rubbed, and may fade color with age. Polyester fabrics hold on to oily stains that are difficult to get rid of with the simple use of washing-machines. Professional cleaners thoroughly handle such stubborn stains with both wet-cleaning and dry-cleaning solutions for polyester fabric care.

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Polyester can be used to alter the fabric’s texture and appearance. It is ideal for wet and damp environments since it’s hydrophobic in nature. But how do you clean such a resistant and stubborn fabric? Here are a few care tips for keeping your polyester clothing good as new!

Wet-Cleaning Your Polyester Clothing

Polyester can be safely wet-cleaned in the washing machines by following these useful tips to retain the fabric’s texture and properties.

Choose Permanent Press Cycle

A permanent press cycle on your washer is meant to remove and minimize wrinkles. A washer on permanent press can wash clothes in warm water and rinse them in cool water while it maintains a mild agitation and spin. Many professional cleaners in Edmonton recommend using a permanent press for your polyester clothing to lower the chances of pilling and getting wrinkles.  

Use Warm Water

Polyester fabric is best cleaned in warm water. Warm water strikes the ideal PH balance to wet clean and protect the fabric quality. Cold water will not effectively remove stubborn stains especially oil-based stains. And ironically hot water may cause shrinkage and color bleeding. Hence, warm water is the best choice when it comes to polyester cleaning and retaining its fabric quality.

Pick a Standard Detergent

Avoid picking a detergent that is formulated for tough or deep-stains because it might fade the color of your fabric or affect the quality of the fabric. Also, mixing fabric softners along with the detergent solution will keep the polyester clothing longlasting.

Maintain Fabric Quality by Hand-Wash

Hand-washing is the surest way of maintaining fabric quality. But when you clean clothes with hands you need to make sure you are gentle with the fabric and don’t hurry the cleaning process.  

Care Tips to Maintain Polyester Clothing

Polyester, like any other fabric, has its weaknesses too. As mentioned earlier, it may pill and easily stain with oil-based spills. It is also susceptible to static cling. As a result, polyester garments need proper care to maintain its quality.

Read the Care Tag on the Garment

Following the directions on the care tag of your polyester clothes and garments is the best way to efficiently clean them and maintain its quality for a much longer duration. “Dry clean only” should be taken to professional dry cleaners instead of cleaning them at home. However, tags that say “dry clean” may often be cleaned safely by hand.

Turn Garment Inside Out Before Cleaning

Polyester clothing can snag easily and may get entangled by clasps, buttons and even trim from other garments. To avoid any damage to your clothing, turn it inside-out before tossing it into the washing machine.

Soak White Garments Over-Night

Soak white garments overnight in a mixture of 1 gallon of warm water and 1/2 cup of automatic dishwasher detergent. This will help remove dirt and stains from your white fabrics in advance before washing them. The dishwasher detergent brightens the whiteness of the item. Avoid using bleach when cleaning white polyester clothes.

Wet-cleaning your polyester clothing at home may seem a cheaper option to maintain its fabric quality. When in doubt about wet-cleaning and caring for polyester garments, let the professional cleaners in Edmonton help your clothes shine and last longer!