Top Dresses to Wear this Christmas Season!

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Top Dresses to Wear this Christmas Season!

“I don’t design clothes. I design dreams.” —Ralph Lauren

Picture yourself in the dress of your dreams. The kind of dress that would gracefully get the attention of the onlookers! Picking out the perfect outfit for Christmas can be very stressful with all the available extravagant options in the market. Your wardrobe definitely needs a beautiful red carpet worthy gown if you are a shopaholic moppet. The advent season is full of joy and bliss with the Christmas jingles all around. This season look your best for the Christmas party by choosing the right dress.

Ball Gowns

This gown is certainly a timeless favourite from Cinderella to the Fashionistas today! It is a classic attire to a Christmas Ball. Ball gowns are long length floor touching dresses with a fitted body corset. This dress is ideal for all body types as it hides the lower body and cringes the waist.

Mermaid Gown

Mermaid gowns are very trendy during the Christmas season as they are the most preferred choice of many women as an evening dress. This gown style is fitted at calf-length and tapers for a full-length floor scraping trail. The mermaid gown looks gorgeous especially with a low back cut to emphasize the woman’s figure and curvature of the back and hips.

A-Line Gowns

An A-Line gown is simple and sophisticated that suits all body types. It is fitted at the waist and flows out till the floor. They are perfect for parties where you want to appear minimalistic yet fashionable. The best part about this dress is that it can be achieved through all kinds of fabric.

Trumpet Gowns

The trumpet gown is a bodycon dress that flares out at the thighs. Some trumpet gowns like in this picture have a high-low cut to accentuate toned legs.

For all kinds of evening dresses, there are different fabrics that can are used. Varied fabrics suit many kinds of silhouette and dress cuts. The choice of fabric matters to suit the chosen dress type.


Velvet is a gorgeous choice for a Christmas dress. The fabric has the shine, depth, drama, richness, and warmth that all comprise to make the gown look vampy and feminine at the same time. Although velvet is a strong durable fabric, it is prone to staining and colour fade. To keep your velvet Christmas gown intact and clean, give your gown to the professional cleaners of Edmonton for dry cleaning.


Chiffon is an ideal fabric for the ball gowns and the trumpet gowns that need more flair and drama to the dress. This fabric can be made from silk, cotton or synthetic fibres. Chiffon does make your dress stand out from the rest with that shine and glitter. However, if stained with alcohol or food, the fabric can be ruined with wet cleaning. Dry cleaning service by professional cleaners is, therefore, recommended to get rid of stains.


Satin is a popular choice as this opulent fabric has a shiny appearance that instantly stands out in any possible lighting. This fabric may seem lustrous and rich but can shrink if wet cleaned. Most of the gowns made in this fabric are Dry Clean Only.


This fabric has unique characteristics that hold well to embroidery, lace, beads, and sequins. This fabric is rough and dry with a crepe-like texture. Georgette dresses stay longer when they are dry cleaned.

Some other fabric mentions that need garment care service from professional cleaners of Edmonton are:




Choose the professional cleaners of Edmonton to clean your perfect Christmas outfit if they stain from the wine and the cake at the party!