Tips To Take Care Of Your Suits Between Dry Cleaning Visits

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Tips To Take Care Of Your Suits Between Dry Cleaning Visits

Dry Cleaning Visits

In your professional life, your choice of suits adds to your character. As important it is to buy yourself a suit, it is more important to maintain it. Dry cleaning your suits is a must for prim and proper cleaning. You should dry clean your suits at regular intervals to keep it refreshed whenever the need to use it arises. Read below tips you can use to take care of your suits between your visit to the dry cleaners.

1) Get A Wooden Hanger

Your suit should be hung in an open space where it is cool and dry, away from sunlight. Hang it out for a day or two after every use to allow any mild odour to escape. It helps the residues of perfume and sweat to escape. Using a sturdy wooden hanger which is widespread with rounded edges aids in holding the shape of your suit. If you own multiple suits, make sure to give them even space on your hanging bar to avoid the suits to cram together and get damaged. Suits are garments which should be given enough leverage to ventilate properly. 

2) Keep Pockets Empty

You may have the habit of filling your suit pockets with keys, loose papers, money, and other items. Leaving them in the pockets for a long time can change its overall shape. Foreign lumps and bulges in the suit can make it shapeless and deformed. Make it a priority to keep your pockets empty after every use.

3) Own a Steam Cleaner

Using a steam cleaner after every wash keeps the suit clean and refreshed. It helps remove wrinkles and get rid of unpleasant odours that the fabric may catch between trips to the dry cleaning store. The steam cleaner should be set at the lowest heat setting to avoid damaging it’s fabric and maintaining its shape for a longer time. A hot iron can shorten the suit’s lifespan and damage the suit.

4) Invest In a Suit Brush

A suit brush can be used after every wear to clean the fabric. It helps remove lint, any dirt or hair clung on it. To use a suit brush, make firm sweeping movements or short, quick strokes to clean, but never scrub the fabric to avoid nasty marks on your suit.

5) Use a Fabric Bag

Always choose to store your suit in a breathable fabric bag. To increase the suit’s lifespan, it shouldn’t be kept in an airtight environment. You must strictly avoid keeping the suit in a plastic garment bag to avoid bad odours and prevent easy access to moths. In case you need to travel with your suit, transfer it into a portable garment bag to maintain its good shape and longevity.

Once the time arrives, make sure to carry your suit to a dry cleaner. Dry cleaning your high-end garment is essential to have it look new every time you use it. Contact Riverbend Cleaners for quality and precision in your garment with every clean!