3 Clothes Storing Essentials You Must Have

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3 Clothes Storing Essentials You Must Have

Clothes Storing Essentials

The world has been taken over by a generation where you are hip when you stroll into the airport with boxer shorts and a dusty t-shirt. Though for some of us who would still want a dress code for every place, it is necessary that we keep our clothes in perfect shape so that no blemishes appear on the favourite suit when you go out in the world with formal clothing. Clothing care doesn’t just mean dry cleaning your clothes and pressing them. As an average person will have a number of dresses with different sets for different times, it’s essential that the clothes are sorted and stored respectively so that they stay fresh and glimmering for the next time you take them out of the closet.

Our clothes are what people use to weigh us in this competitive world. You have to dress to impress, and most of the work is taken care of with the confidence you gain with being dressed up. You must know of the clothing care essentials to properly store away your fabrics.

1) Use Thick Framed Wooden Hangers

Hanging the shirts and suits inside your closet is what gives you more space on the bottom and also gives you the ease of space for clothing care. But not all clothes are made for the same hangers. Some fabrics, when hanged using a wireframe hanger, may stretch out of shape because of gravity. This is the reason why we suggest using thick, framed wooden hangers for your closet. These hangers keep clothes in shape by applying proper shape on the shoulders. Having a set of akin hangers in your closet also gives it a more organised look which lifts your mood every morning you dress up for work.

2) Use Bins and Baskets in the Closet

Mesh bins and cloth baskets are an essential addition you must make to clothing care. The best part about baskets is that they allow air to flow through the fabric of your clothes. When your clothes stay cramped inside a dark space, they develop a terrible smell and get contaminated with certain bacteria. Materials like polyester can be neatly folded and kept in baskets to prevent staleness from taking over. They can also be handy when storing clothes on higher shelves to get all the items out at once and then storing them back in place. 

3) Keep Everyday Wear In Front

Are you late for an important meeting at work? Some of the time would have been taken away while you were looking for the shirt that you were supposed to wear for a Thursday. This will not happen if you sort your clothes into daily wear and special wear. All of us have a different set for every day in the week. Make use of the space in your closet and note which garments you’ll be needing for the upcoming week and hang them in the front row of hangers. Wearing the wrong shirt with the wrong suit will not be very pleasing and will portray an odd vibe. Keep your daily essentials in view to prevent a pile of clothes on the floor after you’ve thrown them all out to look for your favourite winter wear.

Dry-washing clothes isn’t enough. Even after professional dry cleaning, the clothes may not appear fresh enough if you throw them in the cupboard after they arrive from the dry cleaners.