How to take care of your woolen clothes?

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September 18, 2018
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How to take care of your woolen clothes?

woolen clothes

Woolen clothes can often lose its color, become loose or leave an odor after prolonged use. If you are concerned about taking care of your winter clothes, then here’s what you need to do:

General Care and Routines

Shake out and let your woolens breathe out in the open air regularly. Placing woolens in humid air can get rid of creases and odor. Leave your woolens in the laundry room or bathroom overnight to eliminate creases and odors.

Precautions to Take while Cleaning

Woolens should not be cleaned often. Special care should be taken while cleaning woolens. Dry cleaning with the help of professional cleaners is recommended for certain woolen garments like jackets and coats. Always read clean and care signs on your clothes before proceeding.

To clean with your hands, use lukewarm water and liquid detergent and gently clean your woolens. Gently squeeze the excess water out. For drying, lay the woolens on a dry and clean towel and roll them in the towel to extract the water. Replace the towel with a new one if your woolens are still wet.

For machine clean, use lukewarm water, liquid detergent, turn the woolens inside out and use the washing machine for a short cycle. Lay down your woolens horizontally on a towel rack and place them somewhere away from direct sunlight to dry.

Precaution to Take while Storing

Do not hang your woolens in the closet but lay them flat in the shelf of your closet. Before keeping your woolen clothes in the closet, make sure they are clean. It is essential to protect your woolens from moths when storing them for long periods. Therefore, use mothballs and cedar chips or fragrant herbs like mint, rosemary, lavender, and thyme. Put them in a scented sachet to repel insects in your closet.

Maintaining the Color of Your Woolens

It often happens that colored woolens lose the intensity of their color after cleaning. While cleaning washing colored woolens, extra thought should be given to retaining the color of your woolens for a long time. Use color catchers while washing colored woolens to maintain the intensity of the color. In case of naturally dyed wool, it is suggested that they should be stored in places with as little natural light as possible.  

Eliminate Pilling

Pilling is caused by friction on certain exposed areas which leads to small nodules, especially around the elbows. Use a special lint remover to eliminate pilling. Be delicate while using the lint remover to avoid damaging the structure of your woolens.

Following these tips will help you maintain the quality of your woolens. Taking care of your woolens is not as complicated as you think. If you are worried that your woolen clothes can be damaged while cleaning, then you can give them to professional cleaners near you as they are aware of precautions that need to be taken when cleaning your winter clothes.