6 Benefits of Green Cleaning

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6 Benefits of Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning

Dry cleaning is a cleaning process that involves using a toxic solvent called perchloroethylene or PERC which is labelled as a hazardous air pollutant. This solvent is capable of causing cancer or any other serious health effects. The harmful solvent is a highly effective liquid that doesn’t require labour-intensive dry cleaning. Short term or long term exposure to PERC can cause various health risks. 

The use of environment friendly, non-health-damaging cleaning products is called green cleaning. To assist you with the better choice, here are six influential benefits of green cleaning.

1) Stain-free Garments

When your clothes are dry cleaned, they tend to pack the clothes in bags. These bags when left alone for a long time can trap PERC residue and humidity inside the fabric. This mixture can cause oxidation of the stains and make them prominent. On the other hand, green cleaning uses non-toxic solvents to gently clean your garments devoid of solvent stains and ensure their freshness and longer life.

2) Decreased Health Risks

PERC can add to health risks because of its harmful components. Based on the evidence in humans and animals, PERC is considered carcinogenic to humans by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. We, at Riverbend Cleaners, use green solvents that are non-toxic, non-allergenic and non-irritating which leave your clothes smelling fresh and clean.

3) Healthy Fabric Condition

The fabric’s aesthetic can be damaged with repeated use of chemicals on your garments. Green cleaning uses mild solvents to clean your clothes, and maintain the quality and colour of the fabric. On the other hand, PERC solvents can cause your clothes to develop a yellow tinge on its surface when treated with frequently.

4) Better Air Quality

Green cleaning puts to use organic solutions and products that don’t possess strong and irritating odours. Encouraging green cleaning not only reduces air pollution but also water pollution and ozone depletion by cutting down harmful emissions released during the cleaning process.

5) Safe Cleaning Option

Choosing green cleaning over the traditional dry cleaning keeps you safe from the potentially harmful chemicals. Green cleaned garments protect your skin from any possible irritation.

6) Less Energy Consumption

With green cleaning, we put to use innovative machines to make your garments look new-like. Eco-friendly solvents with lesser energy-consuming machines not only clean your garments but also maintain their quality for a long time. The solvents used for this purpose are also less expensive compared to the traditional chemicals because of their natural ingredient base. The packaging and type of product used for green cleaning cuts down waste and gives optimal results.

With the world looking out for green options for almost everything, green cleaning is gaining popularity and is becoming a customer favourite. Opting for green cleaning would be one method for you to contribute to the environment you live in by helping to prevent the use of harmful chemicals. We, at Riverbend Cleaners in Edmonton use environmentally-friendly dry cleaning methods for your garments and is your best choice to select for green cleaning.