How do you save your water damaged clothes?

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How do you save your water damaged clothes?

water damaged clothes

When your clothes unintentionally come in contact with dirty or rusted water, it can spoil the clothes and leave a stain. This generally happens during floods, pipe leakages or improper clothes storing in a basement. Cleaning such clothes can seem like a big task, and you might want to dispose of them instead. Do not dispose of such clothes as you can clean them by following these steps.

Segregate the Clothes

The very first thing to do post collecting all your water damaged clothes is to segregate them. While keeping them together in one laundry bag may seem like an easy task, separating them is necessary as the color of the colored clothes may run off on the light colored clothes. Also, bundling them together will not let the clothes dry.

Remove the Dirt

If your clothes have come in contact with muddy water, they will be dirty. So, before you clean such clothes, make sure to remove the dirt by shaking the clothes and scraping off the dirt. If you fail to do so, the dirt may clog your drainage pipes. Also, the mud will make the cleaning process difficult for your washer.

Do Preliminary Wash

After removing the dirt, wash them with cold water as hot water can set the stains. Use powder detergent for this preliminary wash and soak the clothes for a few hours after the wash. Do not soak all the clothes at once if there are too many. Clean them in turns in smaller loads.

Treat the Stains

The difficult part of washing water damaged clothes is to remove the stubborn stains. When treating the stains, first find out the kind of stains present on the clothes and accordingly use a stain remover. Based on the type of stains, you could use a prewash or a presoak stain remover.

Do a Complete Wash

Once the stains are removed successfully, you now need to give a complete wash to the clothes. For this wash, use hot water and powdered detergent with a full water level and smaller loads. Also, since the clothes were damaged by contaminated water, it is recommended to add disinfectant during the wash cycle.

If you follow these steps, you will be able to save your water damaged clothes. Before you start the cleaning process, do keep in mind that not all water damaged clothes can be saved. However, if you have clothes that you want to save but find difficult to wash on your own, reach out to your local cleaners for a perfect wash.