What Should You Not Do with Your Bridal Dress?

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What Should You Not Do with Your Bridal Dress?

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There is a good thing about your bridal gown and a problem too. Good thing, obviously, that it is one of the prettiest attires you will ever have. And the problem is the cleaning and taking care of the gown. Being a delicate and fine dress, it is more prone to several damages. There are several “don’ts” of cleaning and storing your bridal dress to keep it beautiful for a long time. Here are some things that you must never do with your dress.

Delaying The Cleaning

Your big day is over, and it’s time to store your bridal dress properly. But before you put it back into its cover or in your closet, you must get it cleaned first. Even if you took utmost care throughout the day to prevent any stains and mark, it would still have residues of sweat. If you simply stuff the gown in your closet, the residues will become permanent and result in a bad stink. You may also notice sweat stains after a month or two. And if you have makeup and food stains on your gown, cleaning it becomes even more difficult.

Clean It Yourself

The biggest no-no of cleaning your bridal gown after the big day is taking charge of cleaning it all by yourself. Your wedding dress is a delicate piece with intricate embroidery and soft layers. Even if you are great at washing and cleaning your clothes, it is best to avoid washing it on your own to prevent any damages to the delicate elements of the gown. Getting rid of lipstick and champagne stains from the fine material of the gown should be left to the professionals.

Storing in the Plastic Bag

Most bridal gowns are delivered in tough plastic bags. But you should avoid storing your gown in the same bag after wearing it. The wedding dresses kept in their original plastic garment bags are exposed to the plastic fumes. These fumes make your beloved dress turn yellowish over time, which you surely don’t want to happen. Instead, store your gown in a container or bag that is acid-free and protects against external factors, something like a cotton bag.

Frequent Dry Cleaning

Although we mentioned that you must get your gown cleaned after wearing it, you should only dry clean your wedding gown when you know you absolutely have to. If you do it too often, then the gown will be at risk of damages. Chemicals used in the dry cleaning process can eventually strip the cloth fibers and also make your gown look dull. Some solvents might even settle in the fabric and make the layers stiff and prone to further damages.

If you ask us whether you can soak your bridal gown in simple water to instantly refresh it, we would suggest you read its wash care tag to know the right temperature of washing. But if your gown is stained, you must give the gown to your local dry cleaners for best cleaning without any damages.