How Many Sizes Can a Wedding Dress Be Altered?

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How Many Sizes Can a Wedding Dress Be Altered?

Bridal Gowns

Bridal gowns are one of those special pieces of clothes that a woman cherishes. She spends days altogether to buy that one perfect wedding dress for her perfect day. The only problem that arises is with the size. Assuming that they will put on weight, some brides go for a wedding dress that is a couple of sizes bigger to avoid the last minute rush. When they do not end up gaining any weight, all they have at hand is a loose dress to get altered. So before you know the sizes up to which you can alter a bridal gown, let us understand a few things about wedding dress alteration.

Weight Changes Matter

It is never advisable to buy a dress smaller than your size. Even if you plan to lose weight and be leaner on your wedding, do not buy a smaller dress in anticipation. Sometimes the weight remains the same and smaller dress size you took does not fit you. If you buy a larger dress, it can easily be altered if you lose weight. So always go for a size or two large as it can be altered.

Carrying the Accessories

When you go for the final fitting and alteration of your dress, it is advisable to carry accessories along. Having a complete look gives you a better perception of the dress. Also, do not forget your heels. You do not want to shorten the dress without getting an idea of the length of your wedding shoes.

Having Company Is Essential

Even if you want to, never go for a dress alteration on your own. While you may be able to judge if the alterations are right with the help of a mirror, having an extra set of eyes always helps. Taking a friend for shopping or relative along will help you get a better idea of whether the alterations are correct.

Multiple Visits

Do not anticipate the process of a bridal gown alteration to be a one time visit. The first time you go for the alterations will be the longest visit. In this visit, you will get to patiently explain all the changes you need with the dress, so make the most of this chance to explain all the alterations. Post this first visit, you may have to go again to try the altered dress and check for more changes if any.

Sizes You Can Alter

Coming to the size of the dress. Though it is recommended that you opt for a larger dress, do not go for a very large size. Altering a bridal gown can be done for a maximum of two sizes. If you try to go for more sizes, altering it can become expensive.

Now that you are aware of the various factors of a bridal gown alteration, make sure you get your wedding dress altered properly. To get special bridal gown cleaning, reach out to the dry cleaning specialists in Edmonton.