How Long Does It Take To Dry Clean Clothes

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How Long Does It Take To Dry Clean Clothes

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Doing the laundry is a very common household practice that has been followed since ages. From rubbing the clothes by hand to cleaning them using a washing machine, there has been a lot of technological development in the process of cleaning. Dry cleaning is just one of these many cleaning technologies that professional cleaners in Edmonton use for making your clothes look like new again. But what exactly is dry cleaning and how long does it take to dry clean clothes? Here is the answer to all your questions related to dry cleaning.

What Is Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning is the process of cleaning your garments without using water. So what is used to clean the clothes? Dry cleaning process uses a chemical solvent to clean fabrics that can degrade in water. Unlike the name, “dry” cleaning, the process is not dry. It got this name as there is no involvement of water in the cleaning process. A few professional cleaners in Edmonton use environment-friendly dry cleaning solution.

How Dry Cleaning Works?

The basic dry cleaning process can be easily explained with these five steps:

  • Inspection: Before starting the procedure, your clothes are first inspected. The professional cleaners in Edmonton check for the labels on your clothes to identify the exact material. This helps them to decide which chemical can be used to clean your clothes. Also, a thorough check for missing buttons, tears, or any other damage to the clothes is done before starting the cleaning process.

  • Pre-Treatment: In the pre-treatment phase, the cleaner looks for stains and treats them so that the further cleaning process can be easier.

  • Dry Cleaning: The next step involves soaking the clothes in a machine that contains the chemical solvent.

  • Post-Spotting: After this, the clothes are checked again for any remaining stains.

  • Finishing: The last step includes pressing, folding, and packaging your clothes.

Once the clothes go through all the above steps, they are ready to be delivered to you.

How Long Does It Take To Dry Clean Clothes?

The time needed to dry clean a garment completely depends on the type of garment and on the cleaner to whom you are giving your garment. Different clothing like a wedding dress, leather jackets, linen, white colored clothes, hats, gloves, etc. take different time. Also, if the professional cleaners in Edmonton have their own in-house cleaning system, the time needed for dry cleaning would be comparatively less.

To get your garments dry cleaned, it is recommended that you choose professional dry cleaners in Edmonton. They will know the right treatment that each type of material needs. Moreover, professional dry cleaners will ensure that your clothing looks brand new and there is no damage to the quality of the fabric.