How to Clean Your Comforters?

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How to Clean Your Comforters?

Dry Cleaned

Edmonton is prone to get subjugated to freezing weathers. A comforter plays an important role in providing warmth and comfort in your home. Its soft and luxurious overtone gives solace and tranquillity. But you need to clean it regularly to ensure that it continues to provide warmth whenever required. Listed below are a few ideas to clean your comforter to enjoy its freshness.

1) Machine Cleaning

A comforter should be washed in a machine that has enough space to spare while cleansing it. Ideally, a front load washer is recommended for the same. You can drop two to three tennis balls wrapped in clean socks or fluffer rings to avoid lumps between the comforter. This helps fluff the comforter and maintain its original form.

2) Dry Cleaning Options

Comforters of king and queen size bed should be brought to a professional dry cleaning store for comfortable accessibility. Dry cleaning solvents maintain the quality of garments and increase their longevity. The chemicals used during the process don’t harm delicate fibres of comforters and cleanse them thoroughly. Dry cleaning is also an effective method of removing stains.

3) Keep Stains Away

To clear patches of stains on the comforter, brush away the inner material of the blemished section and scrub the area against each other with mild diluted laundry detergent or a solution of baking soda and water. Air dry the comforter or use a hair dryer before storing it in a clean place. Wet or damp comforters can collect mildew on them which can damage the material.

4) Just Duvet!

Using a cover over your comforter can be convenient and time-saving. The cover would protect your comforter and make it usable for a longer time. To an extent, it can prevent dust or dirt collecting on the comforter.

5) The Label Story

The care label on a comforter gives accurate cleaning instructions. Depending on whether it’s made of cotton, wool or an alternate material, the care label would read ‘dry clean only’, ‘machine wash’ or other instructions. It may also have various cleaning signs. Following pre-decided directions will make the comforter usable for a longer period.

6) Shake It Out

Give your comforter a few shakes frequently. Shaking the comforter will help distribute the fill evenly throughout its whole frame. This would also make it softer for a longer period and take its original form.

7) Take Care of the Old Ones

Due to frequent use, a comforter is prone to get damaged with tears and worn out seams on its sides. You can choose to clean old comforters in a bathtub to prevent further wear and tear. Extra precautions and tumble dry are best suited for old but good comforters.

Good care and frequent dry cleaning can increase the years of any good comforter. It may be pricey, but investing in quality comforters promises comfort and relaxation. Riverbed Cleaners practice cleaning with quality and precision. Get in touch with us today and transform your home to a cosy haven.