How Is Dry Cleaning Environmental Friendly

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How Is Dry Cleaning Environmental Friendly

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In the last few years, we have changed the way we want our things to be done and realized the importance of using eco-friendly products. Even dry cleaning process has become environment-friendly today. The elements previously used for cleaning our fabrics were somehow harmful for the environment, and this prompted us to look for solutions that have a lesser effect on the environment and us as well. There are several things that have changed and made dry cleaning more environment-friendly. Here are some points that indicate dry cleaning process is now environment-friendly.

Energy Efficient Machines

Earlier the dry cleaning machines used to consume a lot of power. Modern dry cleaning machines don’t rely on too much of electricity and are created in such a way that they can make the most of the power available to them. Also, despite the fact that these machines are using low power, they are generating the same amount of energy and are still managing to clean clothes and keeping them bright effectively.

Non-toxic Solvents

Earlier, the solvents used in the dry cleaning process were extremely harmful and toxic to inhale. With the modern innovations, today we have solvents that are eco-friendly and sustainable. These solvents have low CO2 levels and are less harmful to the environment. The usage of eco-friendly solvents has a lower effect on the environment and creates a better living environment. This helps immensely in creating a clean, dry cleaning method.

Recyclable Materials

Objects such as hangers and bags meant to hold the fabrics are also manufactured using recyclable resources. Previously these things were made of plastic and other materials that were not environment-friendly. Increasing number of dry cleaning companies are now using electronic tags instead of paper tags to track fabrics.

Becoming eco-friendly would not only help the environment but also reduce the need for relying on depleting natural resources. If you are concerned about the environment and wish to have an environment-friendly dry cleaning process, then contact us as we can help you in cleaning your fabrics using an environment-friendly method.