How are Grease Stains Removed at a Laundry?

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How are Grease Stains Removed at a Laundry?

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Grease stains can be hard to remove from clothes using conventional cleaning methods. This is mainly because grease is insoluble in water, and requires special solvents to remove it from fabrics. If you have a dress that has been stained with grease, the best way to clean it is by sending it to your local dry cleaners. Dry cleaners use special chemicals to clean grease and other stains without damaging the fabric. If you’re curious about how your local dry cleaners clean grease stains from your clothes, here’s a short description of the process:


When you send your grease-stained dress to a dry cleaner, the first step is to inspect the fabric. The professionals examine all incoming clothes for the type of fabric, the stain, and any other defects. The type of fabric allows them to decide what chemicals to use and which ones to avoid. The inspection also involves an examination of the care label to identify special cleaning instructions. This step also involves tagging clothes to ensure that the clothes are returned to the right customers. After inspection, the clothes are forwarded to the next step, based on the fabric and the type of stain.


The pre-treatment step is where the grease-stained dress gets special attention. This step usually involves treatment of spot stains and any other problems that require special attention. So, for a grease-stained garment, the spots of grease are selectively pre-treated with special solvents, which makes the removal of the stain easier in the next step. The solvent loosens the grease by dissolving it, without damaging the fabric. This helps in maintaining consistency of texture throughout the garment surface. If you try to spot clean at home, you may use inappropriate chemicals which may damage the cloth, fade the color, and sometimes may not remove the stain effectively.

Dry cleaning

The clothes, after special spot treatment, are collectively put in the dry cleaning machine. During the cleaning process, hydrocarbon is used as a solvent which is an environmentally friendly solution. The grease stains which are already primed for removal, easily come off when cleaned in the dry cleaning machine. The solvent removes the grease stains by dissolving it through a series of washing cycles. This repetition of cleaning cycles ensures that the grease stain is completely removed.


After cleaning with the hydrocarbon solvent, the washing chamber is drained to remove all the solvent. After draining the chamber completely, the clothes undergo the drying cycle to dry the clothes. The drying cycle involves the circulation of warm air to evaporate any remaining solvent from the clothes. The clothes are aerated in the next cycle to freshen the clothes with the help of natural air. The dried clothes are then finished and pressed.

The pressed clothes are packed in bags and are returned to the customers. A professional and experienced dry cleaning company will ensure extra care and attention in the treatment of your clothes to effectively clean grease stains and maintain the original texture of your garment. Hence, make sure you choose the best local dry cleaners to send your grease-stained garment for effective cleaning.