Other Synthetics


Acetate can be a beautiful fibre and can imitate the look of silk. It is a weak fabric and most acetate fabrics will need to be professionally dry cleaned. There are a few varieties that can be washed by hand. Always check the label for special instructions to see how it needs to be cleaned. Here are some tips for hand washing acetate:

  • Wet clean in warm water and mild detergent. Do not let it soak! This could cause the color to fade.
  • Do not put in the dryer or ring out the garment.
  • Lay flat to dry.


Acrylic is a soft fabric that imitates many of the characteristics of wool. It’s lightweight, non-allergenic, dries quickly and is washable. Here are some tips for washing your acrylic clothing:

  • Some choose to place acrylic items in a net in the washing machine for extra protection.
  • Wet clean on a gentle cycle in warm or cool water.
  • Do not machine dry. Instead remove it after the spin cycle and lay the garment on a flat surface on top of a towel to dry.


Nylon is strong, elastic and dries quickly. It is versatile, relatively easy to care for and commonly used in clothing items like hosiery, active wear, jackets and draperies. Here are some tips for cleaning your nylon garments and items:

  • Machine clean separately from other types of fabric in cold water using regular detergent. Check the tag for further instructions.
  • Only use non-chlorine bleach
  • Machine dry at the lowest setting and remove immediately after the cycle is finished
  • Iron only on a cool setting

Overtime, machine washing and drying can cause nylon items to pile. If you want to extend the life of your nylon, consider hand washing and hanging it to dry.