4 Types Of Stains Your Formal Shirt Can Get

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4 Types Of Stains Your Formal Shirt Can Get

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All of us have shirts that are bought exclusively for formal outings. We wear these shirts on a regular basis right from client meetings to normal workdays. We take utmost care of our formal shirts as they are made of delicate fabrics. However, despite taking every care possible, you may still end up staining your shirts. Although with the help of right detergents and effective cleaning methods like dry cleaning you can get rid of the stain, you should take extra precaution not to stain your shirt. Some of the common stains are as follows:

Stationery Stains

We often tend to keep stationery products such as pens in our shirt pocket. A leaked pen can leave a dark stained mark that may be extremely difficult to remove. Therefore, you need to be extra careful and avoid keeping ink pens in your shirt pocket.

Oil Stains

There are different types of oils that can stain your shirt. If you are working in a manufacturing unit, there are chances that the oils such as grease and petrol used in the unit can result in grease stains. Apart from this, food oils can also leave stain marks on your shirt. If you spill gravy or any other oily foodstuffs on your shirt, then you need to consider a thorough dry cleaning process to get rid of the marks.

Fragrance Stains

Often people tend to spray perfume over their clothes. Some perfumes leave a stain mark on some shirts. This is because of certain chemicals in the perfume that react with the shirt’s fabric. Therefore, if you spray a deodorant or perfume over your shirt, it can result in a visible mark which may go only after a good cleaning process.

Random Stains

Some random stains due to sweat, blood, etc. can leave a temporary mark on your shirt. In fact, sweat stains are more common around the collar area. Dirt is also another aspect that can leave a stain mark on your shirt. If you are exposed to too much of dirt, and you tend to perspire a lot, then the mixture can leave a stain mark on your shirt. Apart from sweat, if in case you fall in a dirty patch or a puddle, your shirt can get completely stained and so, you need to visit a professional dry cleaner in Edmonton to get it cleaned.

Formal shirts are considered to be incredibly precious for some people. If you have stained your shirt, then make a visit to one of the professional dry cleaners in Edmonton to clear the stains. Some dry cleaners provide eco-friendly dry cleaning services that will get rid of regular stains and also not affect your shirt’s fabric as well.