5 Unknown Habits That are Ruining Your Leather Jackets

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5 Unknown Habits That are Ruining Your Leather Jackets

Ruining Your Leather Jackets

There are reasonably sizeable steps to consider that will prevent your leather from becoming fragile. Certain habits might cause leather downsides. Learn a great way to store your leather jacket or jersey. Let’s ponder on the necessary ways how not to ruin leather jackets.

1) Rainy Weather

Whether it is due to lack of knowledge, practised wisdom or regular habits, you must know that if you wear leather jackets out in the rain, the wet weather will spoil the leather. The simple reason behind this is that leather tends to get damaged when exposed to or when it is saturated with moisture. In this case, if the leather jacket gets wet, hang it to dry on a hanger which leads to the next context.

2) Storing Inappropriately

Do not fold the leather jacket for a very long period of time. If folded beyond a short time limit, it will develop creases and wrinkles, which don’t go away with ironing them out or steaming them at a high temperature. Preferably, a leather jacket should be hung on a padded hanger as opposed to wire hangers in an air-circulating area or a closet that is ventilated well. A leather jacket shouldn’t be hung in sunlight flashing through your window or in broad daylight. The exposure to soaring heat temperatures or in simpler terms, normal continual sunlight, will discolour the jacket, particularly for suede leather.

3) Connection to Heat

Another unknown habitual intention that ruins your leather jackets is to place your leather jacket close to a radiator or heating vent. This should be avoided. The heat causes the leather to become brittle and crack. This shrivelling is brought to notice at the dry cleaners.

4) Hanging Closely

A serious inclination to hang a dry, worn leather jacket in congestion of coats and a crowded wardrobe causes damage due to cloth-to-cloth friction, or by permitting the lack of spaciousness to hurt the suppleness of the leather jacket. Lack of ventilation, too, causes the crammed leather jacket to become useless with time.

5) Skipping Conditioners

If you don’t condition the leather jacket from time to time, it is prone to lose its moisture and lustre. A well-known brand of conditioner should be used to make it last for long.

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