5 Myths About Laundry

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November 5, 2019
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5 Myths About Laundry

Myths About Laundry

So many laundry rules like washing your whites separately, not mixing the socks with your other regulars, or adding more detergent for cleaner clothes are rigorously followed worldwide. How many of these do you think are rational, and how many of them are just some unwritten and insensible rule? There are so many laundry myths that you follow every day, yet are unaware of the insignificance of many. However, Riverbend Cleaners, a well-known laundry in Edmonton refuses to follow any of these myths and get your clothes all cleaned and tidied. And we are here to bust those myths for you today.

#Myth 1: Use More Detergent for Cleaner Clothes

This is one routine followed by multiple homeowners. However, it is very important to read the instructions on the back of the detergent package. The package mentions the amount of detergent that is needed for one wash, but we increase the detergent quantity because of the myth that more detergent will wash off all the excess dirt. You might find different laundries that conform to these myths to make you believe and charge you accordingly. But more detergent will instead cause skin irritation if your washing machine fails to get rid of all the detergent.

#Myth 2: Wash Denims More Often

Washing your pairs of jeans more often can slightly damage the fabric and cause your dark jeans to fade in no time. Another drawback of washing denims frequently is that there is a vast possibility of them going out of shape. Washing frequency to wash jeans can range from person to person. However, there is no problem if you go weeks without washing your jeans since your pairs of jeans take time to accumulate dirt.

#Myth 3: Use More Softener for Softer and Scented Clothes

With climate like Edmonton’s, you definitely are prone to using your comforters excessively. Which means you need to clean your comforters quite often and also use fabric softeners to keep them soft and fluffy. Fabric softeners do make your towels and warm comforters fairly soft. However, these softeners can make your towels less absorbent and your comforters to lock in residues of the softeners, thus leaving back putrid smell behind. Therefore, frequent usage of fabric softeners can do otherwise of what is in fact believed since ages.

#Myth 4: Lint Trap Can Be Ignored

The work of the lint trap is exactly what the name suggests. It traps the lint from your clothes, thus preventing clogging of pipes. People tend to ignore the lint trap and decide never to clean it. This accumulation of lint in the lint trap leads to heating up of the system because there is no more space for lint and the machine optimizes more energy for cleaning.

#Myth 5: Treat Your Stains from Front to Help Stains Go Away

Rubbing over stains from the front will increase possibilities of the stains to get worse. Since the stains are on the upper layer of the fabric, you need to wash them from inside, so the stains are pushed out and not spread. This is why you should avoid treating your stains from the outer side of the cloth.

Some laundries in Edmonton will try to convince you to believe the prevailing myths and keep you away from the facts to gain some extra penny. Hence, it is crucial to make yourself self-aware of what’s true and what’s not. Riverbend keeps its customers aware, which is why we are one highly trusted laundry in Edmonton.