5 Household Items That Should be Dry Cleaned Only

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5 Household Items That Should be Dry Cleaned Only

Dry Cleaned

Have you ever seen the mark of “dry clean only” on the label of your clothes and other fabrics? If yes, then that is for a reason. These items are too delicate to be washed in the washing machine, a washing machine is too harsh for them. Dry cleaning is the only solution as it uses mild chemicals and no water to get rid of stains and odours. If you have missed out on looking at labels of various fabrics, don’t fret. Here’s the list of things that can only be dry cleaned.

1) Embellished Fabrics

Anything that has embellishments, beads, mirrors, sequins, and other artsy things studded, stuck, or sewed on them need dry cleaning only. Putting these clothes in the washing machine or washing them with hands can destroy the stitch or glue and also their shine. Dry cleaning can gently remove any stains or grime in a way that the shine and glitter of embellishments are retained.

2) Bedding

Bedding essentials such as comforters, duvets, mattresses, and bedspreads can stain or get dirty with time. Your washing machine is surely not big enough to accommodate these bedding items and clean them efficiently. Hence, taking them for dry cleaning is the best way to keep your bedding clean and fresh, especially if you have silk or velvet bedding.

3) Suits

One of the many reasons why you must take your suits and tuxedos to your dry cleaners is that the inner lining of these clothing can tear or shrink when you wash them on your own. The dry cleaning process involves the use of chemicals instead of water that ensures that the lining, as well as the suit or tuxedo, remain in the best shape.

4) Silk Fabrics

Dark-coloured silk clothing and fabrics tend to bleed and stain clothes and surfaces. Light-coloured silk fabrics can easily get spoilt in machine or hand wash. Thus, dry cleaning is the best way to get rid of any stains or bodily oils from silk fabrics, especially the dark-coloured ones. From bedding to dresses to curtains, take everything to your dry cleaners in Edmonton.

5) Heavily-stained Fabrics

This goes without saying that all your heavily stained and soiled clothes and fabrics, irrespective of their material, should go for dry cleaning. Removing tough stains, grime, and odours are nearly impossible with simple cleaning processes at home. Let the pros do it for you.

The next time you have a new piece of clothing or upholstery, be sure to check its label and look for different wash and care signs so that you don’t end up ruining your fabric in the first wash itself.