Is Dry Cleaning better than Regular Cleaning?

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Is Dry Cleaning better than Regular Cleaning?

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Let’s assume that you and your brother often have the same argument as to what is better, dry cleaning or regular laundry cleaning. You say that it is best to give your shirts and trousers to the local dry cleaners after every wash. But your brother prefers regular cleaning after every wear.

So who wins these arguments? Well, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to cleaning clothes and other fabrics. Regular laundry cleaning and dry cleaning are both processes designed to cleanse and de-soil clothes and other fabrics. However, in order to decide the right process of cleaning for different clothes, let us look at the benefits of both these processes.

Regular Cleaning Gives Long-lasting Clothes

One of the best advantages of regular cleaning is that it provides cleaner and fresher clothes after every wash which further increases the life of your clothes. Talking about dry cleaning, it isn’t the best option for clothes such as shirts and t-shirts that have traces of perspiration and oil. Dry cleaning cannot completely clean this type of dirt or grim, but regular cleaning can. Therefore, regular cleaning is ideal for daily wear clothes such as shirts, t-shirts, shorts, inners, slacks, etc.

Regular Cleaning is Cheaper Than Dry Cleaning

You can ask your local dry cleaners, and you’ll find out that regular cleaning is cheaper compared to dry cleaning. Dry cleaning your regular wear clothes such as shirts, t-shirts, shorts, and slacks after every one or two wears can be an expensive affair. Dry clean only those clothes that need delicate cleaning after every one or two washes.

Dry Cleaning Prevents Shrinkages

Dry cleaning can be the ideal option for clothes susceptible to shrinkages. Regular cleaning is an intense process and many a times results in shrinkage of clothes. It is generally due to the modern washing machines but, sometimes occurs during the process of applying heat also. Not only this, dry cleaning is ideal for clothes which have fur or scales on them, that may get ruined during the process of applying heat.

Dry Cleaning Minimizes Color Bleeding

Color bleeding is often a common problem faced after the regular cleaning. Moreover, if two clothes of different color are washed together, it may result in the mixing of colors of both the items. This isn’t an issue when you opt for dry cleaning. The dry cleaning agents and chemicals lock the dyes in clothes and prevent them from bleeding and fading. This ensures that they always have a vibrant appearance even after many dry cleaning sessions.

We can only say that dry cleaning can be a preferred option to keep your special clothes look vibrant and fresh for long. And regular cleaning can be considered for regular clothes. If you still can’t decide which process would be ideal for your clothes and other fabrics, you can either look at the wash care labels and tags attached to these clothes. Or you can talk to our local dry cleaners and find out which type of clothes and fabrics require what kind of washing and care.