What is the Difference between Dry Cleaning and Hand Washing?

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What is the Difference between Dry Cleaning and Hand Washing?

Professional Cleaners

When you have to clean your delicate and sequined clothes and fabrics, you may either choose hand washing them or give them to the professional cleaners for dry cleaning. These are the two best ways to clean your favorite delicate garments. So, when should you dry clean your clothes and when should you hand wash them? To find out the answer, let us take a look at the differences between the dry cleaning and hand washing.


There is no specific hand washing process that you have to follow. You can rinse, soak, soap, lather, knead, wriggle, scrub, and wash as per your choice.

Most professional cleaners follow a specific process of dry cleaning. The process consists of garment inspection, segregation, stain pretreatment, machine cleaning, drying, and finishing the garments.


The major benefit of hand washing is that you have the time to clean your clothes and fabrics. Also, you can find out even the minor stains and dirt on your clothes and wash them accordingly. Based on the wash care guidelines, you can use the right detergent based on its mildness and suggested water temperature. If not satisfied, you can clean the fabric again without paying extra for it.

Dry cleaning garments provide several benefits. One of the best benefits is that dry cleaning keeps your delicate clothes soft for a long time. Dry cleaning helps in cleaning most of the stains and dirt by dissolving them in the agents used. Not only this, color bleeding and fading is not possible with dry cleaning.


Talking about the cost of hand washing your clothes, the entire cost depends on which detergent, soap, and washing accessories you use. You will find a variety of hand washing detergents and fabric conditioners available for different types of fabrics. You can choose the one which fits in your budget and provides the best results.

Dry cleaning can be considered as an expensive process compared to the cost of hand washing. The cost of dry cleaning may vary based on the type of garment, their fabrics, and the professional cleaners you opt for.

Wash Care Sign

Wash Care Sign

The hand in the tub or bucket sign symbolizes hand washing the garment. This means that clothes with this sign on the tags shouldn’t be dry cleaned or washed in a washing machine.

Professional Cleaners

An empty circle or an outline of a circle or oval sign symbolizes that the garment should be given for professional dry cleaning. You will also see some variations in the empty circle sign symbolizing special wash and care directions. Letter ‘F’ in the circle means that clothes can be dry cleaned but with hydrocarbon solvent (HCS) only, and the letter ‘P’ in the circle means that clothes can be dry cleaned but with any solvent except tetrachloroethylene.

Do you have special clothes such as sequined garments, fancy gowns, and heavy overcoats that need dry cleaning? If yes, then you can contact our professional cleaners to pick your favorite clothes right from your doorstep and get them dry cleaned for you.