How Do You Clean The Silk Dress That You Wore for Christmas?

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November 19, 2018
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How Do You Clean The Silk Dress That You Wore for Christmas?

Local Dry Cleaners

Silk is an elegant fabric choice for most women for their Christmas dress. Some stains from all that alcohol, cake, wine, oily foods, etc. in the Christmas celebration are the hardest to remove. These stains will ruin your perfect silk dress if you don’t clean it with precautionary measures.

Read The Care Label

Silk is a natural protein fiber. Hence, chlorine bleach cannot be used to clean silk. Garment manufacturers have care labels on their garments which have certain specifications for that particular fabric. Silk has quite a few considerations and reading the care label will prevent you from causing more damage to your stained silk dress. If you have any difficulty in understanding the care label, you can always approach local dry cleaners in your area to help you identify the precautions.

Use Special Solvents

Whether your dress is made of natural silk or synthetic silk, silk itself needs special solvents that prevent fabric damage. Although natural silk is one of the toughest known materials, it is a lot more susceptible to staining and color loss. Silk is a water-sensitive fabric and using solvents can turn hard-water into a more acceptable choice when cleaning at home. However, trying different solvents at home is not recommended as it may cause damage to the fabric texture.

Patch Test the Solvent

The richness of silk comes from its dyeing ability. But, with solvents and hard-water, the color may bleed. To know if your silk dress would bleed color, try a patch test on a small area that is not out straight visible. You could just dab the mild detergent with cotton on a small area and check if the dye comes off. If your silk dress has bright prints and vibrant colors, choose dry cleaning services instead.

Avoid Spot-Rubbing

If your dress has stained with oily food, avoid rubbing the stain off. This will damage the texture of the dress and worsen it even more. That particular patch may appear lighter than the rest of the dress, which eventually ruins the look of the outfit.

Know the Wet Cleaning Precautions

  • Cleaning by hand is recommended for 100% silk compared to machine cleaning.
  • In case of machine cleaning synthetic silk, choose a gentle cycle.
  • Use cold water for cleaning and lukewarm water for stain removal.
  • Soak the fabric in a tub full of cold water in case the dress is stained with wine.
  • Don’t scrub off the stain.
  • Be aware of garment care for silk. Do not twist, wrinkle, or wring the fabric.
  • Rinse thoroughly before drying as the moisture and dampness in the dress may damage the texture of the fabric.
  • Squeeze out the water gently before drying.

Choose Dry Cleaning Instead

Dry cleaning is less abrasive on your garment than the wet cleaning at home. Local dry cleaners pay close attention to details to clean your dress efficiently. Dry cleaning is perfect for odor and perspiration stain removal. Also, they use environment-friendly solvents that prevent your silk dress from bleeding color.

To know if your ‘non-stained’ silk dress needs to be cleaned more frequently or only before you wear it next, get a quality garment check. And for the stained dress, just bring your dress to Riverbend Cleaners for quality garment care and dry cleaning services!