Can You Wet Clean a Comforter That Says Dry Clean Only?

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Can You Wet Clean a Comforter That Says Dry Clean Only?

Dry Clean

Many bedspreads and comforters have a care label that says dry-clean-only because of the specific fabric specifications. Most of the fabric contents cannot withstand the home wet cleaning machine cycle. Some bedspreads and comforters are made up of polyester, silk, or synthetic fabric that are usually given for dry cleaning. But some comforters that are made of cotton or wool can be wet cleaned at home even though the garment care label says dry-clean-only. Here’s how you can wet clean your comforter at home without ruining its fabric contents, shape, color, and texture.

Wet-Cleaning Your Comforter at Home

Choose Permanent Press Cycle

Your washer will have the setting of a permanent press cycle that is meant to remove and minimize wrinkles. The permanent press cycle will clean the garment in warm water and rinse it in cool water, maintaining a turbulent but constant spin during the cleaning process. Professional cleaners in Edmonton recommend using a permanent press for comforters made of silk or polyester to lower the chances of pilling and wrinkles.

Use Warm Water

Silk and polyester comforters are best cleaned in warm water. Warm water supports the ideal Ph balance for wet cleaning and protecting the fabric quality. On the other hand, cold water won’t effectively remove stubborn stains especially oil-based stains from food, cosmetics, etc. And ironically using hot water for wet cleaning might cause shrinkage and color bleeding. Hence, warm water is the perfect choice to avoid those expensive mistakes on your favorite comforter.

Pick a Standard Detergent

Most of the mild detergents will work best with silk, synthetic and polyester comforters. Avoid using detergents that are formulated for deep-stains or that say “tough on stains”. This might cause color bleeding and harm the quality of the comforter. Using a small amount prevents over-foaming in the wet cleaning machine.

Maintain Fabric Quality by Hand-Wash

Cleaning your comforter by hand-wash techniques is the surest way to maintain fabric quality. But while you are wet cleaning with hands, you need to ensure you are gentle with the fabric and not rush or hurry the cleaning process.

Soak White Garments Over-Night

For wet cleaning those white bedspreads and comforters, soak the garment overnight in a solution of 1-gallon warm water and ½ cup automatic dishwater detergent. This removes dirt and stains in advance before wet cleaning them. The dishwater detergent brightens the whiteness of the comforters. Avoid using bleach while wet cleaning white silk and polyester comforters.

Wet cleaning your bedspreads or comforter at home may seem a cheaper option. But to maintain quality and texture, let the experts and well-equipped professional cleaners in Edmonton take care of your comforters and make them soft, wrinkle-free, and last longer.