Which is Better Dry Cleaning or Laundry?

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Which is Better Dry Cleaning or Laundry?

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You may be familiar with dry cleaning and laundry cleaning as they are the most common techniques for cleaning clothes. However, people often tend to get confused whether to choose dry cleaning or laundry. A common question that arises is- which one is better? To answer this question, let us first understand the process of both laundry and dry cleaning.

How Does Laundry Work?

The laundry process involves wet cleaning of clothes by using softeners and detergents for stain removal. Once the process of laundry is complete, the clothes are dried by spinning them in a dryer. The clothes are then ironed and ready to use. The dry cleaning method of cleaning clothes is apt for our daily wear clothes. While we consider using the same process for cleaning unique fabrics, this method can often damage those fabrics severely especially, when you use water to clean or dry them by spinning in the dryer.

How Dry Cleaning Works?

Dry cleaning is ideal to clean unique fabrics that can be damaged by the use of water or detergents as in the case of laundry. Dry cleaning process consists of using liquid chemical solvents for cleaning clothes. In fact, dry cleaners will also have the option of chemical-free dry cleaning. The cloth cleaner expert searches for stains on a cloth and treats them to make the cleaning process simpler. The clothes are then dipped into the solvents and put into the dry cleaning machine.

Once the cleaning process is complete, the clothes are then dried using a drier. Modern machines have both the washer as well as the dryer. In the drying process, clothes may be dried by spinning or blowing hot air to get rid of wet marks that might have caught up during the process of cleaning.

Post the drying process; the clothes are ironed and packed. The clothes are placed in either airtight boxes or packed in a way that does not allow dust or dirt to settle on them.

Now, as we know that both processes of dry cleaning and laundry are apt for specific situations, we can choose from either of them depending on the material of the cloth. So, then which is better? Well, dry cleaning is suitable for clothes with delicate fabric materials but can also be used to clean normal clothes. However, that is not the same with laundry. Laundry is ideal for normal clothes only. If you are confused about what kind of cleaning your clothes require, then get in touch with a local dry cleaner. The local dry cleaner will assist you to find the perfect cleaning solution based on the quality of the fabric.