Benefits of professional dry cleaning

dry cleaning
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Benefits of professional dry cleaning

professional dry cleaning

Dry cleaning is the process of using organic solvents to clean fabric. The environment-friendly solvents used in the process eliminate dirt, stains, and soil effectively. There are many benefits of dry cleaning over regular cleaning. One of the benefits is that professional dry cleaning does not damage your clothes which can happen when you do regular cleaning at home. Some of the other benefits include:


Removes All Kinds of Stains

Some stains are difficult to remove and different stains require different treatments, which are known and used by professional cleaners. Grease and oil are two substances that are best removed with the chemicals used in dry cleaning. If you try cleaning these stains at home, you may end up shrinking and fading the color of your clothes.

Provides Convenience

Doing laundry can take a lot of time even if you have your own washer and dryer. It is a lengthy procedure of choosing the right cycle, separating your clothes and remembering to put in fabric softener. You can simplify the cleaning process by just dropping your clothes at a professional cleaner and picking them up once the dry cleaner finishes their cleaning process.

Fabric Expertise

Dry cleaners have the knowledge about different fabrics and the methods used for cleaning them. They have a lot of experience and knowledge regarding fashions and fabrics, stain removal and the latest cleaning technologies.

Removes Odor

Many dry cleaners specialize in odor removal, especially items damaged due to flood and fire. These dry cleaners make use of ozone generators to do an ozone treatment for water or fire damaged items. The contact between ozone and the odors embedded in the fabric leads to oxidation. As a result, the release of oxygen eliminates odors from fabrics.

Maintains the Appearance of Your Clothes

After a few cleaning processes, your new pair of jeans, shirts, dresses or jacket may look like they are fading out. Professional dry cleaners carry out professional finishing which makes your clothes look like new for a long time. Cleaners use special pressing equipment and professional finishing that gives garments a crisp, wrinkle-free, new appearance that you cannot get at home.

Professional dry cleaners save you a lot of time and take care of your clothes for you. For all your dry cleaning and other clothing related needs, contact us at Riverbend Cleaners.