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Restoring, Cleaning & Caring for Vintage Clothing & Bridal Wear

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Vintage clothing and bridal wear can be treasures.  Whether it is something you found in the corner of a vintage shop or a family heirloom that has passed on for generations, both are unique and require equally unique care, quality cleaning and sometimes repair to ensure they last for years to come.  Here are some tips for restoring or caring for your vintage garments:

Inspect the garment for tears, holes or damage before you wear it.

You’ve found an absolute treasure at the consignment shop and can’t wait to wear it at this weekend’s dinner party!  If you discover a hole or tear, no matter how small, you should have it repaired before you wear it.  The damage can, and most often will, get much worse with wear.  Resist the temptation, repair it yourself or bring it to a professional tailor at Riverbend Cleaners before you wear it and create further, regrettable damage.

Have damaged garments repaired by a professional.

A professional tailor will know how to work with vintage styles, older cuts and fabrics.  From replacing loose seams, missing buttons and hooks to other delicate repairs, Riverbend Cleaners has the knowledge and experience to restore your garment as closely as possible to it’s original condition.  They can even replace damaged lace or lining with closely matched materials, ensuring it maintains it’s vintage or historic appearance.

Take care when washing, cleaning, ironing or steaming.

Do not machine wash your valuable vintage clothing or bridal wear.  Even if the label states machine washing is okay, remember that the fabric is old and more delicate than it was when it was new.  Take in the garment to a professional dry cleaner and ask for advice before washing it.  Many items will have to be washed by hand, especially if they have details like beading or lace.

Fabrics like cotton and linen tend to darken with age, so soaking the garment might help restore its original colour.  These materials can generally be ironed, however ironing fabrics like silk, velvet or crepe will leave marks and can damage the garment.  In these cases, steaming is the best option for removing wrinkles.  Since steaming allows for a close inspection of the garment, additional holes or missing items might be discovered and repaired.

Store your vintage garments properly.

Older materials are more prone to yellowing, mold, rust or other undesirable signs of aging.  Store them in a way that allows the material to breath.  For vintage clothes you plan on wearing regularly or semi-regularly, hang them in your closet on wooden or padded hangers.  Using wire hangers can cause your clothing to misshapen and even rip or tear.  If you are storing heirloom clothing or something that will not be worn like a vintage bridal gown, take it into a professional dry cleaner and have them prepare and pack the garment for storage.

Vintage Garment Care at Riverbend Cleaners

Not sure where to start with your vintage garment?  Bring it into us.  We are happy to offer advice and suggestions for the best garment restoration, cleaning and care.  Contact Riverbend Cleaners today!

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