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Caring for your High End Garments


Acquiring a wardrobe of high end clothing is not an inexpensive endeavor.  You’ve invested in quality and you want to make sure your items last for years to come…and they can!  Properly cleaning and caring for your high end garments is essential to keeping them looking like new and extending their life span.

Every type of fabric requires specific garment care.  For example, you should wash your wool items by hand, never leave them soaking in water and you should never wring them out.  Do something wrong and you could end up with a misshaped, shrunken sweater that you can never wear again. You should read the cleaning and drying instruction on the tag on your clothes.  If you are unsure about it, seek professional advice and garment care services from Riverbend Cleaners.

Dry Cleaning

Specialty garments like suits, dresses and sweaters will more than likely need to be dry cleaned.  The Garment Care Experts at Riverbend Cleaners will clean your expensive items carefully, making sure to consider the type of fabric and its colour.  They are accredited by the Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institute (DLI).  This accreditation means they have met strict criteria and meet at high set of standards for professional expertise, customer service and quality cleaning.  Dry cleaning your clothing will help it keep its shape and look better longer.

Professional Laundering

Depending on the fabric, some articles of clothing will require laundering instead of dry cleaning.  There are many benefits to having your clothes laundered by a professional.  They have special eco-friendly detergents and equipment required to better remove stains and will use a pressing machine to get all the wrinkles out.  If you are laundering your shirts, they will be able to starch them so they look crisp, clean and ready to wear.

Laundering your garments is more affordable than you might think.  Riverbend Cleaners is offering the laundering of men’s shirts for just $2.99 a shirt. 

DIY Garment Care

Caring for your high end garments at home is risky.  Without the extensive knowledge of fabrics, experience, proper tools and the right detergent or solvents you could do more damage than good.  It can also be very time consuming.  Instead of spending the time washing your items by hand and waiting for them to dry so you can carefully iron them; just drop them off at Riverbend Cleaners and pick them up later.  The Garment Care Experts  at Riverbend Cleaners will also be able to make alternations and do minor repairs to your garments including repairing your suede or leather items.    Your clothing will be clean, pressed and ready to wear.

Professional Garment Care

Properly cleaning and caring for your high end clothing will ensure you get the most out of your wardrobe investment.  Riverbend Cleaners has over 25 years of dry cleaning and laundering experience and uses the latest technologies and practises to ensure you will get the best care for your garments.  If you have questions about properly caring for a specific article of clothing or about our services, please contact Riverbend Cleaners!

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